Google Hacking

Eddie Mora
2 min readNov 7, 2019

“The art of hacking by searching”

Have you ever heard about Google Hacking or Google Dorking?

Probably ‘Yes’, Probably ‘No’, but today the ‘No’ will be yes!

So what is Google Hacking?

Google Hacking is the ability to execute or try a hacking attempt by just using the google search option, in a way its the usage of google as a hacker friend by giving him some special keywords and the result will be a piece of critical information that you’re not allowed to see as a simple user.

What kind of information you can see with Google hacking Methodology?

Basically you can find any kind of information! ‘Config files, source codes, password lists, emails...’ it depends on the dork used and how smart the users are!

There are some google dorks that u can use to find Db information on some targets!

The result will be normal as any result you already saw before, a couple of websites links, but let's click on one of these websites!


So you just found the DB_Name, DB_User and DB_Pass for a random website, imagine if you can build more intelligent dorks to find a more targeted and valuable website!

Simple Gift!

This is a simple software coded by me, it's a basic one that can help you automate the google hacking by just running it and giving it the dork you want, then wait for the result!

Password: @Luci14er